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This hovercraft image shows the Hov Pod SPX TCC Hovercraft, manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Make Hovercraft

The Hov Pod range includes various engines and options to suit leisure, rescue, commercial, survey and military applications. Hov Pod have also supplied hovercraft as SuperYacht tenders.

The three seater model has the Rotax 582 microlight engine 65HP, and can lift 607 pounds from an on-water start or 912 pounds from an on-land start (always worth checking on-water payloads since some suppliers simply state on-land payload; hovercraft generally carry 50% more weight when starting out on land.

The 4 seater model has the Weber 120HP Turbo charged engine, and is capable of lifting 718 pounds from on-water and 1077 pounds when starting on land.

The seven seater model will lift 995 pounds when starting on water, and 1492 pounds when starting on land - this model is manufactured from carbon fiber.

The Hov Pod is very easy to operate, and has a lot of safety features not found on other hovercraft, such as rear fan guard to protect bystanders, passengers and children.

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